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A new Richmond is being born and education will be an integral part of  that change. I am a candidate running to represent the students and families of the 6th District as a member of the Richmond Public School Board. I am the proud mother of two musically gifted and socially conscious children, an adult son Marquel Milan and 15 y/o daughter Peyton Milania. I am also a PROUD K-12 graduate, parent and supporter of and believer in Richmond Public Schools. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a strong sense of responsibility to serve and contribute to the greater good in my community. That mindset has stayed with me throughout my adult life. I am not certain when the seeds were planted, but I believe they are rooted in the fact that I was the eldest child and only girl raised in a household with three younger rambunctious brothers in Richmond’s Southside. Both my parents worked outside the home. Consequently, as the eldest, I learned responsibility at a very early age. The belief that I am my brother’s keeper was not only instilled at home, but at church, school and in my Woodland Heights neighborhood as well.

Although my mother left high school as a teen when she became pregnant with me, she consistently instilled in me the importance of education and hard work very early on in my life. The echo of her constant encouragement that I could do and be anything I wanted to be would keep me from giving up when life got hard.


Her affirmation that I was just as smart, just as capable, just as good as anyone else kept me in ways I could never have imagined. She made me believe in me. After marrying when I was two years old and having my three brothers, she did ultimately obtain her GED, all while working full-time and raising her children.

That early encouragement and example from
her led me to become the first in three generations of my mother’s family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

While my mother and home life may have planted the seeds, my college experience is what watered those seeds of service and further cultivated my passion for equity, equal opportunity and justice in society and public education specifically. I have a genuine passion to help people improve the quality of their lives in some meaningful way. Empowering people with the information and resources needed to help them improve the quality of their lives is what I am committed to do. I believe one of the most effective means of doing that is through the education of our children. As simple or as corny as it may sound, I have decided to become the change I would like to see, rather than complicit in all that is wrong in our communities through silence and lack of involvement. To the contrary, I am ready to do the work!

Yours in service and hope  --- Lynette


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